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Couples & Friends
Firearm Foundations

​Package Includes:

  • 30 Minute Free Consult  (Does Not Count Towards 8 Hrs.)

  • 8 Total Hours of Custom 1:1 Private Lessons

  • Simulator Training (Live Fire NOT Included)

  • Lessons Curated to Your Experience Level

Discover Firearms Together:

Are you and your partner interested in exploring the world of firearms together? Join our Couples Firearms Foundation training program at Athena Tactics, where you'll embark on a journey to learn, practice, and bond over responsible firearm ownership. This engaging class is designed for couples, whether you're new to firearms or looking to enhance your existing knowledge.

  • Holistic Introduction: Gain a comprehensive understanding of firearm safety, handling, and ownership tailored for couples.

  • Interactive Learning: Enjoy hands-on experiences as a duo, fostering teamwork and effective communication.

  • Live Fire Experience: Thrill of live firing in a controlled and safe environment, guided by expert instructors.

  • Couples-Focused Instruction: Instruction and guidance specifically curated for couples, addressing unique concerns.

  • Equipment Familiarization: Hands-on exploration of different firearm models to make informed decisions.

  • Scenario-Based Learning: Engage in exercises to enhance decision-making skills and teamwork in simulated situations.

  • Safety Emphasis: Prioritizing responsible firearm use and storage practices.

  • Q&A Session: Conclude with a dedicated session to address all questions.

Start Date Will Be Set During 30 Minute FREE Consultation

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