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Amanda Rose

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Credentials & Training

  • Central Intelligence Agency

  • Government Contractor

  • Federal Law Enforcement

  • Drug Recognition Expert

  • Veteran

  • Special Agent - Criminal Investigator

  • USCCA Instructor

  • Axon Instructor

  • National Fire Fighter I

  • Operation Enduring Freedom Tour of Duty

  • Active Shooter Response Training 

  • NAEMT Tactical Training

  • John Maxwell Leadership Speaker & Coach

  • Grit, Grace & Godly Women Founder

Explore Athena Tactics' About page to discover a dedicated academy committed to empowering women with essential skills and unwavering confidence. Founded by Amanda Rose, a former military and CIA intelligence officer, our holistic approach nurtures self-worth, awareness, and strength through comprehensive programs. Join us on a transformative journey where empowerment transcends boundaries, creating a community focused on personal growth, safety, and empowerment.

Amanda Rose is the founder & owner of Athena Tactics. Amanda's mission is to help women develop, build, and instill self-worth, awareness, confidence, and strength through lethal and non-lethal personal protection options. This includes helping women gain back their identity emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Amanda began her journey back in high school with a dream that she made into reality of not only joining the military but the Central Intelligence Agency as an Intelligence Officer. Amanda served in the United States Army National Guard for 13 years starting as an MP- Military Police, being promoted up the ranks to CID – Criminal Investigation as a Special Agent, and finishing her career as an E7-Sergeant First Class.


As an instructor and mentor, she trained hundreds of fellow soldiers in areas such as weapons training, counter-terrorism, emergency response, and physical fitness. Within the CIA Amanda’s expertise in tactical training, physical fitness, and weaponry helped her excel in her career. She continues her self-development by surrounding herself with only the best weapon experts in the industry. Amanda has a passion for Jesus Christ and being a disciple of.

Amanda's mission echoes loudly: to nurture women's self-assuredness and resilience while endowing them with the physical, mental, and emotional skills to ensure their safety.


Amanda founded a women’s ministry Grit, Grace & Godly Women life group. Amanda loves spending time reading John Maxwell books as she continues to improve upon herself so that she can pass on the knowledge to other women. She is a Maxwell Leadership Certified Speaker and Coach. Amanda loves networking and meeting people to help them discover their passions. She has 2 fur babies, Anabelle a Pekingese, and Achaia a Tibetan Mastiff. 

Jade Savage​


Competitive Shooter


Jade Savage comes from a civilian family and background and didn't grow up around firearms. It wasn't until later in life that situations and circumstances led her to wanting to learn how to shoot a gun to feel capable protecting herself and her loved ones from harm and danger.

At the age of 30, she started from the very beginning, learning all the fundamentals of shooting, when she quickly realized that this was going to be something she would fall in love with and a journey that would turn into something lifelong. 

Jade is also passionate about health and fitness and feels strongly that training to be physically capable is just as important as learning how to be proficient and capable with a firearm. She believes that the two truly do go hand-in hand.


After learning the ins and outs of carrying a firearm for self-protection, Jade decided to dive into competition shooting. Currently, she competes in various pistol matches as well The Tactical Games which involves both pistol and rifle, where she is able to combine her love of both fitness and firearms.

Since becoming immersed in the world of firearms - both through personal protection and competition - and feeling a different sense of confidence from the two, Jade aims to set an example for those who did not grow up in this world, who did not have to learn these things for the sake of a career, to let them know that if they are interested in these skills, they can absolutely learn and excel at them. She has a personal mission to break stereotypes and barriers within this industry, fostering a community where women feel confident and empowered to join her on this journey and succeed in a male-dominated industry.

Our Mission

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Athena Tactics is not just another firearms academy; it's a unique haven where women's empowerment takes center stage. Our mission echoes loudly: to nurture women's self-assuredness and resilience while endowing them with the physical, mental, and emotional skills to ensure their safety. Embracing a holistic approach, we curate a nurturing environment that thrives on positivity and encouragement. Our classes are meticulously designed to foster knowledge, cultivate skills, and reinforce the unyielding belief that every woman possesses the capability to defend herself in every sphere of life.


Athena Tactics stands as a dedicated academy with a singular purpose: empowering women with the skills and confidence vital for personal protection and self-defense. Our curriculum is expertly tailored to encompass the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of self-defense, paving the way for women to cultivate their identities, self-esteem, and unwavering confidence. Within our safe and supportive environment, women converge to grasp fundamental firearms safety and handling principles alongside strategic self-defense strategies.


At the core of Athena Tactics lies a profound commitment to women's empowerment. Our distinct firearms academy is meticulously crafted to cater exclusively to women, seeking to embolden them to safeguard themselves and their loved ones while concurrently fostering an unshakable sense of self-assurance. Our comprehensive courses and hands-on training sessions have one common goal: arming women with the skills and knowledge requisite to navigate any scenario confidently and protect themselves.


Every woman deserves to feel secure, and at Athena Tactics, we uphold this belief fervently. Through an amalgamation of skills, knowledge, and unswerving support, we facilitate our students' transformation into resolute and capable protectors of their well-being. If you're ready to kindle the courage to stand strong, we invite you to join us at Athena Tactics, where empowerment is more than a notion—it's a way of life.


In the heart of Athena Tactics' ethos lies an unwavering commitment to empowering women. As a dynamic firearms academy, our purpose extends beyond practical skills to encompass a transformation of identity, self-esteem, and the unwavering belief in one's own abilities. We emphasize both mental and emotional well-being alongside physical prowess, offering a unique synergy that readies women to navigate the complexities of self-defense. Join us on a journey where personal growth intertwines with empowerment, shaping you into a capable guardian of your safety and security.

Our Values

Athena Tactics is a for women, by women training group focused on Equipping women physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to protect and defend themselves while building their identity, confidence, and self-esteem.

  • We encourage women to feel confident through proper training, carrying a firearm is one way to feel and be safer.

  • We hope to empower you to become comfortable with your firearm and increase your knowledge.

  • As a woman, our safety rests on our own shoulders. Carrying responsibly can give you the independence and security you need.

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