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Welcome to Athena Tactics, the leading firearms academy for women and families. Our courses are designed by women, taught by women, and cater to all levels of experience. Learn pistol safety, situational awareness, and simulated firearm skills in a comfortable, supportive environment. Our passionate instructors will guide you to build on your skills and confidence, ensuring a safe and enjoyable learning journey. Join us at Athena Tactics and empower yourself through knowledge and responsible firearm ownership.


Free Consultation - Athena Tactics
FREE Consultation

Book your 30-minute FREE consultation. This session provides an opportunity to discuss your goals, address concerns, and explore the right path for your firearm education and self-defense journey.

Firearm Foundation.png

Firearm Foundations

2 month program that consists of weekly private 1-hour sessions. Designed to cater to beginners, enthusiasts, and experienced shooters. Provides in-depth instruction on firearms that is guided by an expert instructor.

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Couples & Friends - Firearm Foundations

2 month program with weekly private 1-hour sessions for couples or Friends. Hands-on experience tailored instruction for teamwork and safety. Engage in scenario-based learning, equip yourself with knowledge, and enhance your shooting skills as a duo.

1-1 Live at the Range

1:1 Live Fire at the Range

Curate your own package, live firearm training at the range. You can customize the training to your skill level and goals. Build on the fundamentals or perfect your proficiency as a shooter.

Custome Home Defense
Custom Home Defense

Custom Home Defense Plan created for you and your family in your home. Focused on emergency preparedness, escape routes, communication, and gun safety in the home. Family planning outside the home in public and social settings.


Firearm Discovery.png

Firearm Discovery

FREE 2-hour group class. An expert certified instructor is here to help you learn critical aspects of firearm safety. Master proper firearm storage, situational awareness, and in-depth hands-on practice drills. Gain the tools to ensure the safety of yourself and your family.

Womens Basic Pistol

Women's Basic Pistol

4-hour group class. Master the fundamentals with our Basic Pistol Course, designed for beginners and enthusiasts. Gain confidence, safety awareness, and marksmanship skills in a supportive and expert-led environment.

Enhanced Conceal Carry

Enhanced Conceal Carry

8-hour group class. Earn your Enhanced Concealed Carry permit with our comprehensive training course. Gain practical skills, legal insights, and situational awareness for responsible and proficient concealed carry in Idaho.

Youth Enhanced Concealed Carry.png

Young Adults Enhanced Conceal Carry

8-hour group class. Open to Men and Women 18-21. Preps you for the responsibilities of safe gun handling and ownership. Earn your Enhanced Concealed Carry permit with our comprehensive training course. 18-20 can obtain a CCW - upon turning 21, permit will be updated to Idaho Enhanced CCW

Real Estate Safety

Real Estate Safety

2-hour private Reality group course. Designed special, for Realtors to become empowered with the knowledge and techniques needed to navigate the industry and your safety.



1-hour group class. Equip yourself with life-saving skills in an Official Stop the Bleed Course. Learn to respond effectively to bleeding emergencies and be prepared to make a difference in critical situations at home or in public. This class is taught by certified medical personnel.

Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness

1-hour group class. Unveil the concept of "condition yellow," a state of relaxed cosmic awareness to your surroundings. In this state, you'll maintain a heightened sense of vigilance, lowering your victim profile status and ensuring that you're not an easy target. Learn with the best at Athena Tactics.

Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party

Enjoy a customized fun experience, whether live on the range or our state-of-the-art firearms simulator, your bachelorette party will be like no other. We can help facilitate catering options, so you can savor your favorite restaurant's menu while creating unforgettable memories with your bridal party.


Kids Gun Safety

Kid's Gun Safety

1-hour group or private class. Ensure your child's safety with our Kids Gun Safety Course. Tailored for young learners, this course imparts crucial firearm safety education in an engaging and age-appropriate manner.

Your journey to personal development starts here. 

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